Cobalt - XR4 Brake Pads for Honda S2000 (Rears) [CRB.XR4.D536]    
Cobalt XR4 is a medium torque compound sharing a similar application basis as our popular XR3 material, but at lower overall friction levels. With a slightly rising torque curve at low to moderate line pressures, transitioning to a virtually flat profile at higher line pressures and temperatures, the XR4 is primarily a rear-axle compound for vehicles under 2800lbs. However, the excellent cold performance, friction stability and consistency of the XR4 also make it a class-leading autocross compound on vehicles up to 3200lbs.

All Cobalt XR-Series Carbon-Ceramic materials feature the following advantages:
   • true 100% "no-bedding required" to achieve full frictional performance¹    • unmatched disc finish with a minimum 50% improvement in disc life²    • highest torque-vs-initial disc temperature stability and consistency    • highest repeatability-vs-number of heat cycles of any racing brake pad     ¹Full torque potential of all Cobalt materials will be realized within 1-2 laps.  (However, proper on-vehicle or inertia-dyno bedding will yield an 8-10% improvement in wear rates.) ²as compared to any competing material with torque levels within ±10%
Typical Applications

 • Grand Am Continental Tire Series• SCCA Pro World Challenge
 • Club Racing (SCCA, BMWCCA, NASA, etc.)• Track Day/HPDE and Autocross
 • Late-Model (dirt) & Modified (asphalt & dirt)

*Please contact us for stock as often pads are limited or made per order to ensure the latest compound version is supplied



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